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7 things you didn’t know about Icotherm

Tuesday February 16 2021 BY ICOTHERM

1. One: Icotherm is the only solid roof design that is fully ventilated. At Icotherm we believe this is the only way a roof should be designed, and the CRA (Condensation Risk analysis) reports, available for our customers to see, clearly show that our design is fit for purpose, giving homeowners the reassurance that they need.

2. Two hours: that is how long (or how little) it will take for an average Icotherm roof to be installed and made weatherproof. Because the Icotherm roof is delivered in an easy to install kit format, using pre-built pods, the installation itself is very straight forward and fast. This was key to the original design, which was aimed at replacement work and therefore needed a solution that would ensure the existing room would not be left open to the elements for an extended length of time.

3. Three: Icotherm’s commitment to continuous development, to provide a high performing, easy to install, bespoke product gives installers the peace of mind needed when quoting a homeowner, also providing them genuine green credentials, like FSC registered timber and 100% recyclable insulation.

4. Four roofs: The Icotherm offer is not just about a timber roof. We offer a choice of 4 roof options, each one answering specific needs:
Icoroof: our original pitch roof, initially launched as a conservatory roof replacement product.

Icoview: for those that want big sky views thanks to the large, fixed glass panels;

Ico600: low pitch lean-to roofs are still a very popular option, yet not easily fulfilled in the solid tiled roof category (because the tile options aren’t suitable for low pitches). Icotherm has selected an alloy sheeting option, in a matt slate finish which allows for installations with pitches as low as 3 degree.

Icospan: the Icotherm flat roof uses a warm roof construction. We believe it to be the most installer friendly flat roof solution on the market to date. Delivered “naked” to allow the installer to select the waterproofing solution they are most comfortable using.

5. Five: There is nothing that screams conservatory more than a tie bar. So, to make that transformation complete Icotherm provides a steel reinforced gable roof that ensures the room has a much neater, clearer feel that having tie bars. Just look at this stunning gable installation.

6. Six: Icotherm is building a fabricator network. We want traders to be able to easily purchase an Icotherm roof, wherever they are in the UK. And we have been delivering them. But we have also opted to open fabrication opportunities for those experienced manufacturers that wish to spread the Icotherm brand. This has led us to signing on 2 fabricators to date, Green Lid Fabrications in Taunton, and Icotherm South East in Great Yarmouth.

7. Seven: Icotherm is now heading towards its 7th year of trading, with some 6000 roofs installed throughout the UK. It has been one great adventure so far.

With humble beginnings in a small unit in Bolton (5500 sq feet), Dave Jackson rolled his sleeves up and got to work designing and making roofs with just a couple of people, including our current production manager, Joe Highwood.

Fast forward to 2021 and Icotherm Roof Systems is now a 20+ team with manufacturing space of over 22000 sq feet between 2 units, and a mix of customers ranging from the small independent installers, to high end retailers. Some of those customers have been with us from the very beginning, which is the best kind of testimonial any business can hope to receive.

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