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Friday March 11 2022 BY ICOTHERM

As happens every few years, building control regulations are changing, with the latest rules coming into play in June this year.
This ever-changing playing field, which impacts everybody from systems manufacturers, installers and homeowners, means that we as an industry are always faced with having to redesign, re-learn, re-price.
Not necessarily a bad thing, as changes often bring about improvements from product designers who are looking for innovative and efficient products for their customers.
A familiar result created by the changes in regulations and therefore products, also sees 2 different ways to handle them. On the one hand, you have the installers who embrace them (not necessarily without grumbles) and work to ensure their business provides the correct products and services (ie by the book), whereas on the other hand you will find installers that “resist” the changes, may be worried that the homeowner sees it an excuse to add more to the invoice, or are not interested enough to really understand what they mean.
To be on topic, for solid roofs, and firstly the replacement of conservatory roofs, the building control certificates are often seen as getting in the way. And it is fair to say that some building control offices do not make it easy for installers. Therefore Icotherm works with smaller, independent Building control inspectors like MFA(read our Latest Building Control Compliancy News) to make that process smoother. Let us not forget that it is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure their house is compliant, and that the final decision to apply for a certificate should always fall to them, not the installer.
For new builds, the new “hot” topic – please forgive the pun – is going to be solar gains… and rule makers are not liking these at all. Not ideal when house builders are offering conservatories as an option with their new homes… fantastic for us solid roof manufacturers.

No Compromise…

  • … on safety. Despite the fact that solid roofs do not have any official standards to follow, you can select the Icotherm roofs in the knowledge that they are designed without any compromise. Our roofs are building control compliant, and as we work with a retained structural engineer, even the more complex structures will be designed with appropriate support, from a simple flitch plate or boomerang, to a “mini portal” or “goal post”.
  • … on longevity. The Icotherm roof is also fully ventilated, to create a chimney effect that will allow flowing air to remove any condensation risk. Our system has successfully passed the BRE tests, and all our roofs are manufactured to the specifications that were tested.
  • … on performance: also tested by BRE, the Icotherm roofs specification offer a 0.16 U-value (without the need for insulated plasterboard… think of how much easier the installation is going to be).
  • … on suitability. The Icotherm roof uses C24 timber, the same used in house roofs, and a recognised structural construction material.

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