A selection of lightweight tiles to suit all tastes or needs

Complement your house roof with one of our many colours and style options

We offer a range of stock tiles, in both a shingle and slate effect, sourced from the leading British lightweight tiles manufacturer, Britmet Lightweight Roofing.

See below for the key specifications:

Icoslate(slate effect) main specification:

  • weighs less than 13kg per sqm
  • BS473-3 fire rating
  • uses over 90% of recycled polymer

Icotile (shingle) main specifications:

  • weighs less than 7kg per sqm
  • BS476-3 fire rating
  • interlock with a hidden fix design


Our most popular roof style, initially designed as a replacement roof. Select the Icoroof for impeccable conservatory transformations whilst keeping a traditional feel.


Roof Tiles

icotile ( Shingle )
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Brindle Red
  • Red
  • Brindle Brown
  • Grey
icoslate ( Slate Effect )
  • Amethyst
  • Ash
  • Oak
  • Sunset
  • Slate

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Your questions, answered

Very much so, which is why the Icotherm roofs are designed as a fully ventilated systems and use timber, which is both strong and has a low thermal conductivity.
There isn’t a style of roof Icotherm hasn’t been able to make and with a choice of both internal and external finishes we always have the solution for you.
Recent testing proved a 6.4m x 6.4m Icotherm roof could carry the weight of four modern Mini cars without showing any signs of movement. When standing on the roof take care of where you step or apply pressure to ensure tiles do not get damaged.
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The Icotherm Collection

Our Solid Roofs are designed around a unique modular system, delivered in the form of pre-built pods, which give you the ability to have a fully bespoke product. Icotherm roofs are supported by structural calculations, and are compliant with building control regulations. We offer 4 different style, to suit all requirements.

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